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Bolder Sounds Bluegrass Banjo




008 and.012 notes as well as.025 and.050 notes. The library is made for bluegrass banjo and features a heavy strumming style with a healthy amount of string chirps. The settings and midi files are designed to be very intuitive to use. If you have never worked with a Banjo before then you will find that this is a very intuitive instrument to use with all of the knobs, sliders and midi switches intuitive to use. Please note:This sample library is meant for Blues and Bluegrass players. It is not meant for Jazz or Rock players. Please check out all of the other Bluegrass Banjo samples as well as the .007 Library for more Bluegrass Banjo samples that are suitable for Jazz or Rock players. This sample library has been used in the following releases: 1.Kontakt 4.3 and newer 2.Kontakt 4.2 3.Kontakt 4.1.5 4.Kontakt 4.0 5.Kontakt 3.5 and newer 6.Kontakt 3.4 7.Kontakt 3.3 8.Kontakt 3.2 and older 9.Kontakt 3.1 10.Kontakt 3.0 11.Kontakt 2.9.4 12.Kontakt 2.9.3 13.Kontakt 2.9.2 14.Kontakt 2.9.1 15.Kontakt 2.9.0 16.Kontakt 2.8.6 17.Kontakt 2.8.5 18.Kontakt 2.8.4 19.Kontakt 2.8.3 20.Kontakt 2.8.2 21.Kontakt 2.8.1 22.Kontakt 2.8 23.Kontakt 2.7.6 24.Kontakt 2.7.5 25.Kontakt 2.7.4 26.Kontakt 2.7.3 27.Kontakt 2




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Bolder Sounds Bluegrass Banjo

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